Ardoyne Plantation

Uniquely Authentic Sugarcane Plantation


Ardoyne Plantation house is set in a cluster of live oaks on several acres northwest of Houma, Louisiana, on little Bayou Black. The Plantation was founded in 1838 by a Scottish family. The land was later purchased by Louisiana state senator, John Dalton Shaffer, in 1888 and the home was completed in 1894 and is  constructed of cypress and pine taken from the property and milled in St. Louis.  



Designed by W. C. Williams and Brothers Architects in New Orleans, the Victorian Gothic style was chosen by Ardoyne Plantation owner, Senator John Dalton Shaffer, after he saw a magazine photo of a house described as a "Scottish Castle." This stately home is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is listed for it's 75 foot tower, cove-molded ceilings, carved fireplace and Victorian Gothic architecture. 

Architectural Details


slave bell on sugarcane plantation at Ardoyne in louisiana near new orleans

Ardoyne Plantation, originally owned and cultivated by the Hanna family, has been growing sugarcane since 1838. What began as an 1100 acre farm, grew to 2223 acres in 1847 before the Civil War (1861-1865) upon the backs of 67 slaves. 

The Shaffer family purchased 1000 acres of the plantation in 1888. Only 297 acres of cane remain of Ardoyne Plantation today. Taxes claimed most of the land after the devastation of the Mosaic disease in 1926.


The family tree connected to Ardoyne Plantation is quite extensive and includes German, English, Scottish and French heritage and can be traced back to the early 1700's. In the family are our fist president, George Washington, a Secretary of War, Charles M. Conrad, a Louisiana senator, John D. Shaffer, a Louisiana governor, Stephen Minor, an actress, Barbara Townsend, an artist, Murrell Butler, a writer, Anne Butler plus other plantation owners, William Minor (Southdown), William Shaffer (Cresent Farm) and John Shaffer (Magnolia).  

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Ardoyne is connected to other plantations along Little Bayou Black (now Highway 311). Drive the twelve mile stretch and you will see Magnolia Plantation, Ardoyne Plantation, Ardoyne Store, Ellendale Plantation, Cresent Farm and Southdown Plantation. (Do note that only Ardoyne and Southdown are open for tours. So please do not trespass.)



Ardoyne has been the filming location for three Hollywood movies: "Crazy in Alabama" (1999), "Deadline" (2008) and "Tribute" (2009).